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See you next season! (Limited items available only)

You can still order from the items below but many of our main farm boxes and vegetable items are now not shown.

We hope to be back soon!

How to order vegetables

1. Add to your basket

Pick vegetables individually or choose one of our standard boxes to save time

2. Checkout

When you're finished, click checkout, then enter your address, contact details, and pay either by card online or cash-on-delivery

3. Delivery three days per week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday)

After we receive your order we'll call you the next day to arrange delivery to your door. Orders placed over the weekend will be delivered on Sunday.

We provide free delivery above 10 OMR (it's better value to order more instead of paying a shipping charge)

We don't deliver to these areas (yet): Al Amerat, Misfah

Fresh, juicy vegetables & fruits

Vibrant, nutritious vegetables for a healthy, balanced diet

Flavourful, aromatic herbs

Pack real flavour into your dishes with our organic fresh herbs

Gorgeous Edible Flowers and Mini Leaves

Add a finishing touch to your dish with beautiful Edible flowers, and Specialty Leaves

Micro Herbs and Wheatgrass

Garnish your dishes and kitchen with living mini herbs and wheatgrass, packed with nutrients and flavour!

(Please note, as these items are not grown in soil, they are not certified organic. They are however pesticide and chemical free).

Congratulations on going organic!

We want you to know that you're doing amazing things for your body and our planet with your choice.

Research studies have shown that by going organic you may be:

*Lowering your cancer risk by 25%

*Getting up to 70% more immune boosting anti oxidants vs normal market veg

*Lowering cadmium, lead, and mercury levels by 50% vs normal market veg

*Building your microbiome diversity and health

You're also helping to cool down our planet by cutting CO2 emissions.

So well done!