STOP Eating Chemicals

Oman is the 3rd highest user of agricultural pesticides worldwide
United Nations 2022 report

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Get your Organic Farm Box

Freshest and finest pickings from YUZU's Organic farm.

(Photo is not indicative of actual farm box as it changes throughout the season)

Farm Box Subscriptions

Put your healthy, organic eating on auto-pilot with our farm box subscriptions (1 box per week for 4 weeks).
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Pause or cancel at anytime.
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Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn, broccoli, cauliflower, melons coming in the next weeks and months

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Flavourful, aromatic herbs

Pack real flavour into your dishes with our organic fresh herbs
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Flower bouquets

Beautiful bouquets that are chemical free and last long

Gorgeous Edible Flowers and Mini Leaves

Add a finishing touch to your dish with beautiful Edible flowers, and Specialty Leaves
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Micro Herbs and Wheatgrass

Garnish your dishes and kitchen with living mini herbs and wheatgrass, packed with nutrients and flavour!
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Why Organic is worth it

You might wonder why organic costs more.

* We harvest when flavour is best rather than letting produce get old, bitter, heavy, and pumped full of water

* We use only 100% natural, organic methods which are better for your health rather than using harmful chemicals, injections, and pesticides etc

* We protect our environment by reducing CO2 to help reduce global warming

Leave the math to us - buying YUZU organic is the best value for money when considering nutrition, quality and taste.

Organic is the smart choice.