• Pesticide use in Oman is extremely high at third highest worldwide putting you at risk, with kids most vulnerable

    UN FAO pesticide data 
  • Chemical Pesticides are bad, linked to cancers, brain problems, & child development issues

    European Environment Agency 
  • We are 100% free of harmful chemical pesticides

    Everything we grow is organic

  • Organic produce is rich in anti-oxidants, that fight cancer

    We grow food that heals

    British Nutrition Journal 
  • Our produce is absolutely delicious & grown for flavour

    We feed our crops with goodness so goodness comes to you

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    We believe you'll be happier & healthier with us

    Returns Policy 
  • Pesticides do not reliably wash off

    While washing helps, up to 90% of pesticide residues can remain even after washing, depending on the type of produce, pesticide and combinations of pesticides used. Recommended washing techniques can also be time consuming and complicated.